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"Next of Kin - Part One" is the 796th episode of Casualty and the 15th episode of the 26th series. It was preceded by "The Ties That Bind" and followed by "Next of Kin - Part Two".


Ruth and Jay’s relationship is stronger than ever, but when a patient describes himself as “damaged”, it strikes a chord with Ruth and her old insecurities start to resurface. After an unsettling conversation with the patient’s mother, Ruth has a major wobble and finishes with Jay.

Linda’s former adversary Damon is back in the ED, along with his baby daughter Evie and her new foster mother. Violent Damon has realised that Linda previously lied to him about Evie’s parentage and makes plans to kidnap his helpless baby daughter…

Meanwhile, when fire officer Frank notices some potential fire hazards around the ED, an impatient Jordan tells him to lighten up for Christmas. But a plug socket in the basement has been overloaded once too often and soon fire alarms are sounding throughout the building...


This is the first episode of Casualty to be filmed in High Definition. However, for unknown reasons, this episode and "Next Of Kin - Part Two" were still broadcast in upscaled SD on BBC One HD.

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