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"Nice and Easy Does It" is the 732nd episode of Casualty and the 46th episode of the 24th series. This episode is unusual, as a former main character was the centric character of the episode.


Casualty favourites Derek Thompson and Suzanne Packer, Academy award-winner Brenda Fricker and newcomer Jennie Jacques join forces for a hard-hitting and moving special episode of the medical drama.

Charlie has agreed to help Megan ease her suffering and steals drugs from the hospital, but Tess discovers his plan and tries to stop him. Pointing out that this goes against everything they, as health professionals, believe in, Tess outlines the other options for controlling Megan’s pain and depression, such as home-hospice care.

Meanwhile, Megan has bonded with her young healthcare assistant, Lily, who confides she is pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is. Determined not to keep the baby to bring it up alone, Lily asks Megan if she’ll accompany her to the abortion clinic.

When Megan finds out that the cancer has spread to her brain she keeps quiet. In a bid to lift her spirits, Charlie asks Megan what she would do if she had three wishes. Megan would like to go to Las Vegas, drink banana daiquiris and be serenaded by Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra. So Charlie recreates Vegas in her living room and Megan, Charlie, Tess and Lily play roulette, sip cocktails and dance to Megan’s favourite crooners.

After a wonderful evening, Lily is shocked the next morning to find Megan unconscious in the bath. She is rushed to the ED where her life is saved. Realising that Megan will now need round-the-clock nursing care, Charlie goes to her house to help – but the stubborn nurse is still determined to resist his efforts.

When Lily decides to keep her baby after all, Megan is touched but unwavering in her resolution to end her suffering. Will Charlie put his misgivings aside and help out his great friend in her hour of need?

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