This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Nigel Douglas is a director best-known for his work on Casualty and Holby City. Over the seventeen years he has directed for Casualty, he has directed a total of eighteen episodes. His latest directed episode for Casualty aired back in 2014.

Episodes directed

Episode Year
"Counting the Cost" 1997
"A Taste of Freedom" 1997
"The Golden Hour" 1997
"Everlasting Love - Part One" 1998
"Everlasting Love - Part Two" 1998
"Internal Inferno - Part One" 1998
"Internal Inferno - Part Two" 1998
"Face Value" 1999
"Aliens" 2007
"Lie to Me" 2007
"Love Is" 2012
"Grand Canyon" 2012
"Kansas" 2012
"Cuckoo's Nest" 2012
"Games for Boys" 2014
"The Family Way" 2014
"Learning to Fly" 2014
"Go Out and Get Busy" 2014
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