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"No End of Blame" is the 594th episode of Casualty and the fourth episode of the 22nd series. It was directed by A J Quinn and written by Patrick Wilde.

This episode marks the first appearances of Peter England and Caroline Langrishe as receptionist Terence "T.C." Cockleton and executive director Marilyn Fox.


On the emergency department's mezzanine, trust director Marilyn Fox confronts Nathan about a recent newspaper article about the ED's poor handling of the Hesketh Road incident, and she warns him about the imminent arrival of St. James Hospital's director of nursing to question him, Charlie and Tess. Nathan insists that he was "on top of things", but Marilyn tells him that she wants a name by the end of the day.

Elsewhere in Holby, a young woman named Suzie tries to speak to her father David, but his room is empty. By triage, as Kelsey tries to wake up a man in clerical clothing, Tess asks Alice to cover at reception until the new receptionist arrives.



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