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"No Fjords in Finland - Part Two" is the 686th episode of Casualty and the 48th and final episode of the 23rd series. It featured the death of Curtis Cooper, portrayed by Abdul Salis. The episode also featured the temporary departure of Nick Jordan, portrayed by Michael French.


After the devastating coach crash last week, the Emergency Department (ED) team are brought together to deal with an influx of casualties, in the final episode of a two-part story for the medical drama – which concludes this current series. Even Jordan puts aside his own troubles to help treat the victims – much to Henry’s disapproval.

Distraught after telling the police of Curtis’s whereabouts, Alice has a change of heart and refuses to tell DI Moreland where Curtis is going. Instead, she uses Jeff to help contact him. They meet, and Alice admits Curtis was right – they do need to run. Horrified at seeing the change in Alice, and not wanting this to be the way she has to live her life, Curtis makes a big decision and hands himself in to the police.

On what was meant to be the happiest day of her life, a distraught Alice returns to the ED, alone, to find Cathy Malone being treated in resus and her son, Ryan, suffering a critical stab wound. Big Mac helps her put two and two together, and Alice makes a heartfelt plea to Cathy to tell her what happened.

Cathy’s loyalty is pushed to the limit and her surviving son, Callum, brings his crew into the ED – only to find out that his mother has turned him in. He reacts violently and a riot ensues. He grabs Alice and takes her hostage. Will Curtis be able to save her?

Meanwhile, Jordan foregoes any goodbye drinks and fond farewells and makes a discreet exit from the hospital – leaving the department he has worked so hard for behind him. He heads off to start the next chapter of his life – not sure how long he has left, or what the future holds. Adam is Jordan’s natural successor, and this is what Jordan has always wanted – to leave the ED in Adam’s hands – but will the hospital hierarchy decide he has what it takes? Template:Series 23

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