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"No More Heroes" is the 701st episode of Casualty and the 15th episode of the 24th series.


Competition for the fellowship hots up and the pressure is intense for the F2s. Lagging behind the others, Yuki desperately needs to prove himself and, when a work outing goes disastrously wrong, he gets exactly the chance he needs.

Yuki is failing fast in the race for the fellowship and his mentor, Zoe, blames it on his lovesick glances for May. She challenges him to ask her out for a drink. However, a coach-load of crash victims proves a serious distraction.

Jim, a young man who sabotaged the bus with his best mate, Pete, for a laugh, is horrified when Becky – a girl he fancies – dies in the crash. He confesses all to Yuki, who advises him to do the right thing, but puts himself in danger in the process.

Meanwhile, Jordan is desperate to return to the resus room from his exile in admin. Outside the hospital, he is recognised by a man who collapses in front of him. Once revived, it’s clear the man has no idea who he is. Unable to get hold of Adam, who is at a school play with Jessica, Jordan decides to deal with the patient himself. But can he cope with the stressful conditions in resus?

Elsewhere, Polly attends Alistair’s funeral with his friend, Abe – who is delighted when she arrives knowing that she was the only important person in Alistair’s life. When she discovers exactly how fantastical he imagined their relationship to be, however, she snaps – revealing exactly what went on between them. A disgusted Abe promises to tell the hospital, threatening Polly’s career.

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