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"No Other Medicine" is the 842nd episode of Casualty and the 19th episode of the 27th series. It was preceded by "Smoke and Mirrors" and followed by "Broken Heart Syndrome". The episode was directed by Richard Signy and written by Kelly Jones. it also featured the death of recurring guest character Yvonne Rippon, portrayed by Rachel Shelley.


Jordan is determined to keep Yvonne on life support, and even as her condition deteriorates he clings on to hope. But when he meets a woman in the ED and sees her father's desperation as she refuses treatment, he is struck by the similarities to his own situation. Will he realise his battle to save his girlfriend is futile? Jeff and Dixie bring in a young man who has been set upon by bullies - and while Sam and Fletch worry about his symptoms, the patient steals supplies and then disappears.

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