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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"No Place Like Home" is the 743rd episode of Casualty and the 9th episode of the 25th series. It was preceded by "Employee of the Week" and followed by "Hands On".


Jordan rallies the troops – they're due an inspection any time in the next two weeks and he hopes Tess' staff are up to scratch. Big Mac and Noel theorise with Mads that the inspector might take the form of a "mystery shopper" and Mads assumes that hypochondriac patient Alan must be the inspector so prioritises him at the expense of other patients.

Zoe is annoyed that Mads didn't keep an eye on her patient as requested but stands up to Jordan when he questions what went wrong. Mads feels she's failed but learns another important lesson when Zoe tells her if she wants to fit in, she must never admit to being in the wrong.

Kirsty is having trouble sleeping so she takes a sleeping tablet. But she has mistaken the time and, as soon as she takes it, she receives a phone call – she's late for work. Tess is furious and warns Kirsty that she might have to face a formal investigation. Struggling to stay awake and keep her mind on the job, Kirsty tricks Adam into prescribing Ritalin for a mystery patient. Kirsty takes it but, after her cocktail of drugs, she collapses in the shower.

Mads discovers her in the shower and she and Adam sneak her into a cubicle, away from the beady eyes of Tess. Adam is forced to shock her and, when she comes round, he tries to talk to her but she says she just needs to sleep. He commandeers the on-call room for her to have some rest.

Meanwhile Kirsty's tight-lipped husband, Warren, arrives at the hospital complaining that Kirsty is late home from work. Despite Adam's protests, Warren insists on driving Kirsty home. Kirsty gets into bed at home but Warren watches as she lies awake. She's exhausted but, for some reason, she just can't sleep...