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"Nobody's Perfect" is the 150th episode of Casualty and the 22nd episode of the 9th series.


When a pilot is delayed in town, his wife takes a businessman on a trip. She collapses on return and the passenger dies of his injuries; it turns out she is epileptic but she and her husband have been unable to face it. Liz tells Josh her husband wants children; he tells her he can't imagine not having his children but starting a family ended his wife's career. A middle-aged woman goes to an abortion clinic but turns back when she sees a group of protestors outside and ends up collapsing at the hospital. She had an abortion but picked up an infection; her younger boyfriend is disappointed but supportive, but the leader of the protestors turns out to be her son and disowns her. A woman is found in a skip and tells the staff her daughter is getting married. Her husband reveals she turned to drink after their daughter was killed in a car accident but takes her away before Rachel and Jude can arrange counselling for her.

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