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"Not Waving but Drowning" is the 151st episode of Casualty and the 23rd episode of the 9th series.


A hotel owner organises a press conference to refute claims the sea is polluted; his daughter, who is friends with the local surfers, disagrees so he locks her in the house. Her boyfriend reveals he has chemical burns from when they went surfing earlier and she is found in severe pain. The lorry driver who dumped toxic chemicals in the sea, who is estranged from his wife and struggling with limited access to his daughter, takes his daughter to hospital when she gets some of the chemicals on her hands; when he sees the damage he has done, he gives the staff full details and turns himself in to the police. Liz decides against children but is left feeling broody when she and Josh rescue a boy who has got trapped in a dishwasher. Matt is attacked by Hitchens and a henchman on the way home but claims he was mugged; Jude realizes the truth but keeps quiet when he tells her the matter is closed and they share a kiss when she gives him a ride home. Charlie agrees to have dinner with Baz and her husband Peter.

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