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Oliver "Ollie" Valentine MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS (born 13 October 1985) is a registrar who worked at Holby City Hospital from 2009 to 2018. He briefly returned to the hospital in 2021 under the mentorship of Henrik Hanssen.


Early life

During medical school, Ollie was always at the top of his class. (HC: "Attachments")

Beginning of F1 rotation

On 9 June 2009, Ollie and his sister Penny began their first shift at Holby City Hospital. On the hospital's Acute Admissions Unit, the pair managed to diagnose a patient with a ventricular septal defect, but only Ollie was ultimately assigned to the ward for his rotation, whereas Penny was assigned to general surgery on Keller. (HC: "Proceed with Caution") Two weeks later, Ollie lost his first patient and felt that it was his fault. Ward sister Chrissie Williams tried to reassure him, but consultant Linden Cullen, who was preoccupied with his feelings towards Faye Morton, misconstrued their conversation and accused Ollie of slacking. Linden later apologised to Ollie and allowed him to observe in surgery. (HC: "Attachments") In July, Linden was impressed when Ollie correctly diagnosed a patient with pheochromocytoma but later reprimanded him when his careless remarks resulted in a formal complaint being lodged against nurse Daisha Anderson. Ollie assumed full responsibility for the incident, but he and Daisha continued to take issue with each other's attitude. (HC: "Body Language")

Relationship with Chrissie

Later that month, Mark Williams noticed Chrissie's flirtatious behaviour with Ollie and suspected that she had feelings for him; Chrissie rebuked him and endeavoured to keep her distance from Ollie. However, when Ollie struggled to treat a woman with chlamydia, Chrissie stepped in and decided to take over his performance assessment. Ollie thanked Chrissie for her support and kissed her. (HC: "A Glass Half Full") On 11 August, Chrissie suggested that she and Ollie go out for a drink to celebrate him scoring 94% on his F1 assessment, but Ollie had already offered to buy Daisha a drink for helping him with Linden. (HC: "My Girl") The following week, Ollie accidentally sent an derisive email intended for Penny to Chrissie which prompted her to force him to perform menial tasks such as stock takes as payback. After realising his mistake, Ollie apologised to Chrissie and offered to buy her a drink. At Albie's, the two kissed (HC: "These Arms of Mine") and began seeing each other. (HC: "The Blind Side")

In September, after Maria Kendall was seriously injured in a car accident, Chrissie took issue with Ollie prioritising Daisha's feelings over hers. Ollie asserted that he was looking out for Daisha because of her close friendship with Maria, but he and Daisha ended up having a drink together. (HC: "Long Day's Night") On Chrissie's birthday, the two decided to part on good terms. However, unbeknownst to Ollie, Chrissie took a pregnancy test after feeling ill and received a positive result. (HC: "Out of the Woods") In October, Chrissie began to experience abdominal pain and was forced to disclose her pregnancy to Ollie; she later began losing blood and realised that she was having a miscarriage. Later that evening, Ollie opened up to Daisha about his dismay over the news, but he offended her by making remarks about her capability as a mother. (HC: "The Uncertainty Principle")

Keller rotation

On 11 November, Ollie started his rotation on Keller and was pitted with Jac Naylor. Ruby — the daughter of Gavin Hodgson who was a friend of Ollie's family and his inspiration for applying to medical school — was admitted with a mottled leg. Ollie believed that Ruby had deep vein thrombosis, but Jac insisted on continuing to treat Ruby's sepsis with antibiotics. When Gavin found out about an unauthorised duplex scan that Ollie performed to rule out DVT and suggested that Jac amputate Ruby's leg, Jac took Ollie off the case for exacerbating the situation. In theatre, Ollie's diagnosis was debunked, and Ruby's ischaemia was treated without amputation. (HC: "Home Truths") However, the following week, Ollie noticed that the infection of a patient who Jac diagnosed with cellulitis was spreading, and they were later diagnosed with synergistic gangrene. (HC: "To Have and To Hold") On 24 November, Ollie managed to diagnose a boy with a subdural haematoma and allowed Jac to take credit. When Jac overheard Ollie making an inappropriate remark about her, she did not reprimand him but instead praised his work and gave him the opportunity to observe in theatre. (HC: "Break Away")

In December, with his mid-point assessment looming, Ollie was forced to ask Jac to allow him to observe the laparoscopic endometriosis she was scheduled to perform in order to gain the necessary points to pass. He was eventually allowed into theatre, but he arrived late after comforting Daisha, whose mother had been saddled with a large amount of medical debt, and sent back out. To help Daisha out, Ollie paid for a plane ticket to the Philippines so she could visit her mother over Christmas, and Jac gave Ollie his remaining points for observing in the observation room. (HC: "And That's What Really Hurts") Before Daisha was set to leave for the Philippines, she thanked Ollie and kissed him. The two admitted their feelings for each other, and Daisha told Ollie that she hoped to see him following her return. (HC: "Stand by Me")

Ollie and Jac passionately kiss in the locker room. (HC: "Resolutions")

On New Year's Eve, Ollie planned to attend a party at Albie's with Penny, but Ollie and Jac's patient Andy was diagnosed with a thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm, and Ollie asked to stay to observe Andy's surgery. In theatre, Jac allowed Ollie to make the first incision and suggest a course of treatment when he noticed Andy's ischaemic bowel. Out of theatre, after Jac admitted to Ollie that she became a surgeon because "other people are easier to fix", the two had sex in the AAU locker room. Unbeknownst to them, Penny caught them and took a photograph. (HC: "Resolutions") In January 2010, Ollie was horrified to discover that the photograph had been distributed throughout the hospital and feared that Daisha would find out. When Daisha returned to Holby, Ollie managed to distract her while Jac removed the email containing the photograph. Penny later admitted to taking the photograph and claimed that Donna Jackson was responsible for emailing it to everyone. (HC: "A Glorious Reunion")

During Ollie's final shift on Keller, consultant Michael Spence took issue with Jac's harsh treatment of Ollie and recommended a softer approach. She praised Ollie's work and helped him practise his seromuscular suturing, but Ollie's glowing assessment of her was ultimately discarded when Michael obtained the photograph. Later that day, Daisha found out about Ollie's one-night stand with Jac and slapped him. In theatre, Ollie failed to perform the suture, but Jac applauded his enthusiasm and claimed that he was the best F1 that she ever worked with. (HC: "Too Cold to Crash and Burn")

In February, Penny was planning to abandon her medical career to pursue a relationship with a patient named Scott in Spain. Not wanting Penny to throw away her future, Ollie urged Scott to let her go, and Scott reluctantly told Penny not to accompany him to Spain. Penny was heartbroken and slapped Ollie when he admitted to having a role in her and Scott's separation. (HC: "Together Alone")

Hospital shooting

On 5 December 2017, with the imminent arrival of the eminent neurosurgeon John Gaskell, Ollie was galled after Jac shifted all of her procedures onto him and humiliated in theatre when she started harshly disparaging his abilities as a surgeon. His frustration intensified when he discovered that Roxanna had abandoned her virtual reality project after deeming David to be an unviable candidate. Following a confrontation with Roxanna on Keller, Lofty tried to express his concerns to Ollie about David's condition and temperament, but Ollie was not interested. On Darwin, Ollie handed Jac his letter of resignation; when she attempted to discuss her reservations about Gaskell's trial, Ollie asserted that he was owed an apology.

Later, as Ollie and David observed Jac and Gaskell in theatre, David began to have a stroke and was taken onto the ward. After it was discovered that David had a patent foramen ovale that was exacerbating his dementia, Jac allowed Ollie to operate on David and apologised to him, assuring him that it was his duty to stay and become a CT consultant; Ollie quickly realised that she was intending to resign. (HC: "Group Animal - Part One")

During David's operation, the theatre staff learned that a man had entered the hospital with a gun, but David and Roxanna insisted on continuing. However, when the gunman - Fredrik Johanssen - entered the room, he shot Ollie in the head, macerating his frontal lobe. Although Roxanna initially continued operating on David, Morven, who was observing the procedure, urged her to prioritise Ollie. Roxanna eventually agreed and managed to stabilise him; once the hospital was taken off lockdown, Ollie was moved to ITU. (HC: "Group Animal - Part Two")


  • Ollie achieved 98% in his final medical school exam — the highest mark in his year. (HC: "Attachments")

Behind the scenes

James Anderson portrayed Oliver in Holby City from June 2009 until July 2013. He returned to the show in 2014 before departing again in 2018.