Olivia Cranham (born 9 January) is the daughter of Jess Cranham.

In December 2015, Olivia was admitted and was brought in by Jess' partner Nikki. This made Dixie's concerns grow, as she had earlier discovered that Jess was taking anti-depressants.

In early January 2016 on Olivia's birthday, Nikki pushed Jess into a glass cabinet, and Olivia called for an ambulance. At the ED, Olivia had an accident and wet herself, so Dixie brought her to the toilet to get cleaned up. Whilst there, Olivia told Dixie everything that it was Nikki who had hurt her before. She went back and told her mum, and they later left the hospital to go home. However, once there Nikki was lurking in the house and grabbed Olivia and made her make a wish on her birthday cake. Olivia wished that Nikki would go away, and ran over to Jess which prompted Nikki to throw the lit cake across the room which started a fire. Jess and Olivia escaped safely, but Nikki suffered severe burns when a flaming curtain fell on her.

Later in the month, Olivia drew a picture with a note in an attempt to get Dixie to move with her and her mum to Cornwall. Eventually, it was the thing that persuaded Dixie to quit her job and leave with them.

Behind the scenes

Grace Doherty has portrayed Olivia Cranham on Casualty in 2015 and 2016 .

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