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Oliver "Ollie" Hide (born 2004/2005) is the son of David and Rosalene Hide. From around 2014, he was estranged from his father and lived with his mother.


Making contact with David

In September 2016, David made contact with Ollie once again, which led to Ollie driving his mother's car to Holby ED to find David. However, Rosalene made an angry entrance not long after which led to David informing Ollie that he couldn't live with him. In anger, Ollie went back to the car and burnt his memory poster of him and David which led to the car being set on fire. David managed to rescue him before it exploded, although an elderly patient was injured during the events. Later on, David tried to give his son a psychological examination, and eventually, he was able to get him to speak to the police and admit that he started the fire. David and Ollie shared a game in reception before he and Rosalene agreed to try to make their arrangement work again. (CAS: "Schoolboy Crush")

Return to Holby

On 17 August 2019, Ollie visited the emergency department to speak to David, but a major incident had been declared following a terror attack at Holby Market, and David was preoccupied with treating an influx of patients. In the relatives room, Ollie was asked to keep a young boy named Zinedin company, and Zinedin showed Ollie that his father was on top of the terrorist's lorry. Later that day, Rosalene arrived at the ED to pick Ollie up, and Ollie apologised to David for getting him into trouble. (CAS: Episode 1139)


Behind the scenes

Harry Collett portrayed Ollie Hide on Casualty from 2016 to 2017. He reprised the role in 2019.