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"Once There Was a Way Home - Part One" is the 2nd episode of the 28th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Bedside Manners" and followed by "Once There Was a Way Home - Part Two". This episode sees the arrival of nurse Rita Freeman, played by Chloe Howman who remained on the show for just under three years, making her final appearance in the series 30 episode "The Fear".


Just as Rita leaves for her first shift at Holby ED, the ceiling to her flat gives way. Heading upstairs she soon uncovers the reason behind the collapse - her neighbour's hoarding has gotten out of control. Rita decides to call an ambulance out and remain by her distressed neighbour before meeting two of her new colleagues, Jeff and Dixie. Meanwhile, a robbery goes horribly wrong as the victim, Ramin, breaks his ankle escaping the yard; but as he reaches the ED Jamie learns he's an illegal immigrant, and it isn't long before controversy breaks out. Ash realises he's got a lot to teach Lily about her bedside manner.

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