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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"One Shot" is the 970th episode of Casualty and the ninth episode of the 30th series. It was preceded by "Flutterby" and followed by "Best Served Cold". The episode was directed by Steve Brett and written by Jon Sen.


Whilst out running in the lake Jacob finds a man in need of help and brings him into the ED. Jacob manages to persuade Connie to let him come back a week early. Jacob isn't happy when there is an investigation into the shooting and he feels like there saying it was his fault. Jacob learns that Big Mac is giving a statement and becomes angry interrupting the meeting, but when Connie realises he is bleeding they walk out. After taking a man to resus Connie patches up Jacob's wound and he goes upstairs for his statement.

A teacher is intent on helping a boy with bulling issues but they end up bulling him too. Whilst in a technology class the victim of the bullies cut his hand on an electric saw. The teacher faints and hits his head, he is patched up and goes to see the boy. He is accused of being under alcohol and Jacob runs a blood test but Connie says he can't have it as there is no medical evidence for it. The boy then complains of stomach pain. When the boy confesses that it was the teachers fault Jacob goes off on one and Rita tell him to go and calm down. Jacob finds the teacher in the toilets fitting and takes him down to resus. They manage to stabilise him as it is alcohol withdraw seizure.

When a photographer is taking pictures of a couple from the roof window it collapses. Dixie and Iain bring him into the ED. He looses the loss of feeling in his legs whilst in CT and so Lily refers him for an MRI. His daughter comes to see him after 8 years as she was the woman he took photos of. Alicia questions Lily's thoughts on straightening the ankle and Lily isn't impressed. Lily tries to reset the ankle but the man starts to loose conciseness. Connie and Lily manage to bring him back and he is going to be fine.

Dixie tells Iain that she thinks she has fallen for Rita and that she is going to ask her out at karaoke tonight. Iain isn't sure what to say as he is dating Rita. But when Iain knows she is kidding he gets Rita to try and kiss her again.