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"One for My Baby" is the fifth episode of series 9 of Holby City and the 320th episode overall. It was directed by A J Quinn and written by Joy Wilkinson.


  • Tom Chambers as Sam Strachan
  • Tina Hobley as Chrissie Williams
  • Sharon Maughan as Tricia Williams
  • Robert Powell as Mark Williams
  • Sharon D Clarke as Lola Griffin
  • Patricia Potter as Diane Lloyd
  • Adam Best as Matt Parker
  • Paul Henshall as Dean West
  • Amanda Mealing as Connie Beauchamp
  • Antonia Bernath as Nikki Brown
  • Ophelia Lovibond as Jade McGuire
  • Joplin Sibtain as Eddie McGuire
  • Amy Noble as Becky Martin
  • Sian Thomas as Zoe Martin
  • Teddy Green as Mr Latham
  • Matthew Delamere as Shane Peel
  • Harry Landis as Ronnie Shussett
  • Claire Hackett as Isabella McGuire
  • Michael Eaves as Alan Frost


  • Shivarna Mitra as Jasmine

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