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"Only the Lonely" is the fourth episode of series 25, and the 738th episode of Casualty overall.


It's the grand opening of Jordan's new Clinical Decisions Unit, and Jordan places Adam in charge. But Adam has too much admin work, so delegates the responsibility to Yuki, with Mads - keen to "earn her stripes" - lending a hand. But when Mads convinces Yuki to diagnose a patient's mystery illness with his new toy - a state-of-the art microscope - he neglects his other patients. On discovering what's going on, Jordan is furious and orders Yuki home. And Jordan's problems worsen when Adam relinquishes his admin duties, saying he needs to support his troops on the floor.

Meanwhile, Mads continues to get to grips with working in England and the NHS when she treats a homeless young mother with what appears to be a drug problem. Mads is quick to judge but when she discovers the mother is diabetic and covering her problems to avoid having her baby taken into care, she realises that she still has a lot to learn. Mentor Charlie is on hand to remind her gently that they're there to treat and not to judge.

While walking home Yuki comes across a patient having a fit and, racing back to the hospital with her, he diagnoses her extremely rare condition. Jordan is impressed and - as order is restored to the Clinical Decisions Unit - he concedes that maybe Mads and Yuki don't make such a bad team after all.

Edward invites Ruth out for dinner to apologise for the previous night's argument. She agrees and has her dress dry-cleaned for the occasion. However, Edward remembers previous dinner arrangements and cancels. Ruth hides her disappointment and avoids admitting to the gang that he cancelled her by burying herself in Adam's admin work.

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