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"Operational Duty Manager" redirects here. For the person who currently holds the position, see Jan Jenning

The Operational Duty Manager of the Holby Ambulance Service station based at Holby City Hospital is the lead paramedic who holds authority over the station.

Josh Griffiths Tenure

In 2003, Josh took on the role of Operational Duty Manager following Jeff McGuire's death. This was a position he held until his departure in 2007 when he left for India with Devika, a woman he had met on his travels.

Kathleen Dixie Dixon Tenure

Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon became Operational Duty Manager in 2007. Under Dixies time she went through a very hard time where she saw multiple deaths of her team including Polly and Jeff. Dixie resigned from her post in 2016 where she moved away from the station and then the position became vacant for 2 years until 2018.

Jan Jenning Tenure

Jan Jenning became Operational Duty Manager in 2018 when she joined the service and has proven to be a loyal lead paramedic to her colleagues Sam, Iain and Ruby. Under Jan's tenure, the team was rocked by Sam's sudden death in August 2018 and Iain's attempted suicide in March 2019. Jan is always supportive of her team especially when Ruby was struggling to cope with Iain's attempted suicide.

List of Operational Duty Managers

Name Duration
Jeff McGuire 2001-2003
Josh Griffiths 2003-2007
Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon 2007-2016
Jan Jenning 2018-