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Paige Allcott is an F1 training in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital. She has also worked as a bartender in the Blue Vice bar.


Early life

At some point while training at medical school, Paige started working at Blue Vice — a bar in Holby. (CAS: "Handcuffs")

Starting out in the emergency department

Prior to 2022, Paige secured a F1 placement at Holby City Hospital. On 8 January, days before Paige was due to start in the hospital's emergency department, Paige tried to restrain a man named Heath, who had stolen a purse, with a pair of handcuffs that were part of her police officer costume, but Heath experienced a seizure and fell off a balcony, taking Paige down with him. With the key to the handcuffs missing, Paige was forced to accompany Heath to the ED. As she learned more about Heath's situation, Paige sympathised and decided to ignore his request not to have his mother Ginny contacted for his sake, but Ginny ended up rejecting Heath, exacerbating the situation. Paige began to suspect that the cause of Heath's outbursts was pathological and carelessly led Heath to believe that he had a brain tumour. When a CT scan revealed the absence of a tumour, Heath panicked and, after leading Paige into the disabled toilets, encouraged Paige to run away with him. Heath started fitting again and bit his tongue, so Paige cleared the obstruction with guidance from clinical lead Dylan Keogh. Despite saving Heath and helping to mend his relationship with Ginny, Dylan warned Paige that she would not last in the ED if she continued to bend the rules and get emotionally involved in her patients' cases. (CAS: "Handcuffs")

Paige started her first shift in the ED on 10 January under the mentorship of Stevie Nash. Paige quickly found herself on the wrong side of Stevie by spending too much time chatting to her patients, prescribing the incorrect drugs to a patient and failing to recognise a woman in labour, but Stevie later reassured Paige that mistakes happen and told her to learn from them. (CAS: "She's My Baby")

Paige and Robyn frantically search for Charlotte. (CAS: "The Choice")

In February, while working with staff nurse Robyn Miller, Paige found a positive pregnancy test that had fallen out of Robyn's scrubs and broke the news to her. (CAS: "Ena") To help Robyn decide whether or not to keep the baby, Paige took Robyn and her daughter Charlotte to the beach, but Charlotte soon disappeared, causing Robyn to panic and fall into the sea. After finding Charlotte and retrieving Robyn from the water, Paige took the mother and daughter to a café and later encouraged Robyn not to feel guilty if she decided to have a termination. Robyn decided to terminate the pregnancy, but Paige found Robyn collapsed in the toilets the next day having taken the misoprostol tablet and over-exerted herself. Robyn feared that her friends and colleagues would judge her for her choice, but Paige assured her that they all loved her. (CAS: "The Choice")

Later that month, Paige took several weeks of leave to look after her sick mother. (CAS: "Balancing the Books")

Behind the scenes

Shalisha James-Davis has portrayed Paige in Casualty since January 2022.