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Patrick Spiller was a specialist registrar in emergency medicine who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 1999 until his death in 2002.

The character first appeared on-screen on 11 December 1999 in the episode "Free Fall" - series 14, episode 15 of the programme. On his arrival in the ED he found he would be working alongside Holly Miles a Senior House Officer who he dated prior to his arrival. Patrick is a specialist registrar in the Holby City Hospital emergency department, who attempts to advance his career and attain a consultancy post, whilst having relationships throughout his tenure with SHO Holly Miles, PC Rachel James and Holly's replacement, SHO Lara Stone. He dies following a motorway crash in episode "Past, Present, Future" - series 16, episode 28 of the programme - making his final on-screen appearance on 16 March 2002.

Behind the scenes

Ian Kelsey portrayed Patrick Spiller on Casualty from 1999 until 2002.