Paul Duffin (formerly Bower; born 15 September 2001) is the youngest son of Andrew Bower and Lisa "Duffy" Duffin.

On the day before Christmas Eve in 2016, Paul turned up in Holby with Ryan, who'd come to prove her love for Duffy. The next day, Paul accompanied Ryan into the ED when he was involved in an accident at a department store. Paul spoke to Duffy about her moving back home to New Zealand but insisted that she did whatever made her happy. She agreed to go for dinner with Ryan after work in an attempt to make things work for her family, but once again presented him with the divorce papers. (CAS: "Bah Humbug")

In December 2017, Paul travelled to Holby to spend Christmas with Duffy and Charlie. (CAS: Series 32, Episode 17)

Behind the scenes

Edward Allen initially portrayed Paul for two episodes of the show's 17th series as a baby, credited as Paul Bower. Roly Botha appeared as Paul during the 31st series of Casualty, this time credited as Paul Duffin.


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