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"Peace, Brother" is the 28th episode of Casualty and the 13th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Fun Night" and followed by "Burning Cases". The episode was directed by Michael Brayshaw and written by David Ashton.


Dr Mary Thominson's parents have come to stay and things are very strained between them all. Megan and Ted argue over the move to Cheltenham and she's not going. George Thominson is rushed in after overdosing and Ewart takes over as Mary comforts her mother. She arranges for her friend Brendan to come and pick her mother up and take her back to her flat and stay with her. Landowners try to drive a group of hippies off their land but a young boy is injured and taken to Holby where the staff have problems, dealing with the trouble they bring. George recovers from his overdose and is impressed with Brendan. Peter turns up and Duffy tells him she was worried about him and tells him her test is clear. The drugs cabinet's been broken into and a rookie cop gets bitten on the leg by one of the hippies and has to have a tetanus shot. Peace is restored when the hippies leave.

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