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"Penalty" is the 53rd episode of Casualty and the premiere of the 5th series. It was preceded by "Hanging On" and followed by "Results". The episode was directed by Michael Owen Morris and written by Ginnie Hole.


Starts with the funeral of Megan's husband Ted and she feels guilty she did not move to Cheltenham with him. Charlie takes her for a drink before returning to work, to find the staff playing a joke on Ash, which doesn't impress Julian Chapman, who seems to be making Beth Ramenee's life unbearable. An old man's brought in and Jimmy wins his confidence and finds he can't afford to feed himself properly and won't ask for help, so Charlie gets Tony Walker on his case but the old man leaves, refusing to co-operate. Ian and Colin are taunted by a group of football louts and are separated, with Ian being chased by them and ending up in casualty with an eye injury. Colin goes to the football match with a couple and the thugs who chased Ian, pick on him and fighting breaks out and Holby's put on standby to receive the casualties, amongst them, Colin's new woman friend. When the extent of her injuries are revealed, he vows to stand by her, as the boyfriend walks out.

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