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"Perfect Blue" is the 200th episode of Casualty and the 24th episode of the 11th series.


Jude is rushed into Resus and Jack realises the knife pieced her heart and caused a tamponade; she is rushed into theatre. The police suspect Ken, and Alice is found wandering the corridors in a state of shock, with minor knife wounds. Chased by the police, Kevin jumps from the hospital roof, believing himself to be a bird. Miraculously, he only suffers minor injuries and is admitted for psychiatric care. Sam and Kate finally realise from Alice's ramblings that she stabbed Jude; hating her stepfather, she has a history of self harm and drug abuse, and panicked when Jude told her she had to talk to the police. Josh and Liz bring in William, an elderly man who was left lying in his house with only his dog for company; he has deteriorated so much his leg needs to be amputated. Gloria realise he is deaf, not senile, and his mood improves when his neighbour, Erica, who he has barely spoken to before, offers to look after him and his dog. Josh loses it with a woman, Pat, who called an ambulance for a toothache, and finally breaks down in Liz's arms. Matt races back to the country on hearing what has happened to Jude and sits by her side in intensive care; he tells her he loves her as she regains consciousness.

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