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Peter Duffin (formerly Bower; born 1990) is the eldest son of Andrew Bower and Lisa "Duffy" Duffin. He's currently married to Tanya Duffin and they have one child together.


In October 1990, Duffy was struggling to balance her work and personal life and had no choice but to bring Peter into work with her. She was grateful when receptionist Helen Green was able to look after him, but Peter's grandmother Kate soon arrived to collect him. (CAS: "Love's a Pain") Just a week later, Kate took Peter away temporarily to give Duffy a break. (CAS: "A Will to Die")

In January 1993, Peter's father Andrew picked Peter up in reception, unaware that they were related as Duffy had kept the pregnancy news from him. Before long, Andrew noticed the way Duffy was looking at them and he soon realised the truth. (CAS: "Life in the Fast Lane")

In November 2016, Peter accompanied his wife Tanya to the ED of the hospital as she was heavily pregnant. Their plan was to go to St. James Hospital and for Tanya to have a cesarean the next day, but as she was trying to leave the ED she went into labour. It transpired that she'd tried to get away after seeing her mother, Karen, who had neglected her as a child. They later got in the ambulance to leave but Karen threw away the keys, leaving them locked inside. Eventually, Duffy and Charlie broke in and helped deliver their baby girl. Although Peter was initially worried that Duffy was falling for Charlie when Ryan was back home, he showed Charlie a picture of them both that Duffy had kept with her since he was a child, revealing that she did have feelings for him. (CAS: "Thirty Years")

Behind the scenes

Charlie Thompson initially portrayed Peter for one episode in series 5. Sam Howells-Pugh portrayed Peter during the show's 6th and 7th series. In 2001, Ben Alsford took over the role until 2003. In 2016, the character returned in the 11th episode of the 31st series, this time portrayed by Ricky Nixon.

For his appearances in series 5 to 7, he was credited as Peter Duffin. During series 16 and 17, he was credited as Peter Bower, before reverting back to Duffin for his series 31 appearance.