Polly Donovan is a barista who worked at the coffee shop in the emergency department of Holby General Hospital in 2017.

In December 2017, Polly began working at the ED and caught the attention of Max Walker. Glen Thomas encouraged him to talk to her, but she was unimpressed by his lacklustre attempts at flirting and was hesitant to join him for a drink at The Hope & Anchor. However, after Glen asked her if she wanted to join him, Max and the team for a drink, she accepted the invitation. (CAS: Episode 1063) The following week, Polly overheard Max mutter Zoe Hanna's name in his sleep. Feeling overwhelmed by him, she contacted her agency and left the ED for a new job. (CAS: Episode 1064)

Behind the scenes

Jamey May portrayed Polly in Casualty for two episodes in December 2017.

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