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"Queen's Gambit" is the fourth episode of series 13 of Holby City and the 531st episode overall. It was directed by Sean Glynn and written by Philip Gawthorne.


After Keira Balfour is appointed as the locum consultant on Keller, Jac discovers that there is likely not going to be a permanent consultant position on the ward and insists that she be interviewed for the locum post. In an attempt to impress Hanssen, Jac invites him to observe her perform a complex procedure called a panproctocolectomy on a patient with familial adenomatous polyposis named Patrick Wright, but her plan is immediately scuppered when Keira volunteers to observe instead, and Patrick tries to back out of the procedure after Keira warns him that there is a risk of him being left with permanent erectile disfunction. Frustrated, Jac neglects to read Patrick's INR results which causes Patrick to experience a massive haemorrhage in theatre due to his warfarin. Jac is forced to abandon the procedure, but she contends that she is not responsible for the error. Upon discovering that Patrick's had a an extremely high INR, Jac changes his notes, leaving Chrissie, who continues to struggle with her constant fatigue and unfamiliarity with Keller's filing system, to question her own competency.

After Jac's interview for the locum consultant post, Hanssen, despite criticising her personality and temperament, informs her that she has been given the job. However, Michael warns Jac that Hanssen may have wanted her to fight for the post, so she would lose her permanent position at the hospital and be easier to fire.

Faye misses her meeting with Sarita Dubashi, but she continues to struggle with her depression while working on Darwin. She and Joseph attend a baby shower organised by their colleagues, but Faye becomes increasingly erratic and insists on drinking champagne while on-duty. Elliot voices his concerns to Joseph about Faye's mental state and presses for her to be taken off the ward, but Joseph claims that Faye needs the distraction. Faye becomes overly invested in the case of a man named Gerry Lowell who is due to attend a child custody hearing. She tells Gerry that he will be fine and claims to have prayed for him, but, upon discovering that he has a tumour on his lung, Gerry berates her for misleading him and disparages her faith. Faye suffers a mental breakdown and is escorted off Darwin when she throws a bag of blood at Gerry and tells him that she hopes he burns in hell. Sarita recommends that Faye stays at a mother-and-baby psychiatric unit; Joseph reluctantly agrees.

Hanssen decides to carry out an inspection of AAU, but Donna struggles to juggle her work and her personal life when she is forced to keep Mia on the ward. Donna pushes her responsibilities onto her nursing staff, including looking after Mia, which leads to Elizabeth and Mary-Claire defying her authorit; Donna later apologises and explains that she is desperate to keep her job for Mia's sake. Hanssen later praises Donna for keeping the ward in good condition, but she claims that it is a group effort.


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