Rachael Crowthers (born 1992/1993) is the daughter of Bill Crowthers.

In September 2018, Rachael was admitted to the ED after she was badly beaten up. Bill soon heard the news and went to the hospital to see her. However, when he learned that she had alcoholic hepatitis, he became furious with her. Later, after Lisa "Duffy" Duffin encouraged him to be there for Rachael, he decided to look after her and help her overcome her alcoholism. (CAS: Episode 1099)

In December, Rachael and Bill got into an argument after he suspected that she had started drinking again, and she stormed out of the house. Bill was later admitted to the ED with heart problems, and Rachael came to visit him. When he continued to be sceptical of her sobriety, she insisted on taking a blood test to prove that she wasn't drinking. Later, the results showed that she had gastritis, and she started to vomit blood. Although Bill believed that it was caused by her continuing to drink, Charlie Fairhead suggested that it was being caused by the soft drinks she had been drinking irritating the damage she caused while she was an alcoholic. Later, Rachael and Bill reconciled. (CAS: Episode 1108)

Behind the scenes

Jennifer Hulman portrayed Rachael on Casualty for two episodes in 2018.

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