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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Radio Holby - Part One" is the first special episode of series 29. It was available to watch after the episode "The Index Case" aired.

The first of two exclusive webisodes will be live on the Casualty website after this Saturday’s main episode on BBC One.

Ideas for these exclusive webisodes were submitted by the show's junior editorial team, but it was team researcher Ross Southard who was victorious with his pitch entitled ‘Radio Holby’.

Both directed by Kodjo Tsakpo and shot by Simon Walton, part one was written by Simon Norman who was story assistant at the time of writing, and is now script editor on the show.

The two webisodes of Radio Holby focus on Noel who has always dreamt of being a radio DJ. Noel thinks now is the perfect time to give his dreams flight, especially as he sees how badly the team need a boost after the recent death of their colleague, Jeff Collier.

Part one of Radio Holby will be live on the BBC One Casualty website post-episode on Saturday 18 October.


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