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Raffaello "Raf" Di Lucca (died 5 December 2017) was a registrar in general surgery who worked at Holby City Hospital.



On 5 December 2017, with the arrival of the eminent neurosurgeon John Gaskell, Essie suggested that Raf seize the opportunity to "impress the impressive". However, she quickly began to feel superstitious when a pregnant woman with superfoetation named Rosie was brought onto AAU, and Raf was forced to utilise ECMO, a technique he had introduced to the hospital; her feelings on unease later disappeared after Raf managed to successfully perform an emergency caesarean on Rosie and save her and all three of her babies.

Later that day, on the stairs, Raf bumped into Jac Naylor who asked him to hand Henrik her letter of resignation. (HC: "Group Animal - Part One") Raf soon returned to AAU, which was experiencing a power outage, and prepared to transfer Rosie to ITU. However, in the lift, Raf was confronted by Fredrik Johanssen who shot him in the neck. Trapped and bleeding out, Raf sent Essie one final voicemail before dying. His body was later discovered by Sacha once the lifts were reinstated. (HC: "Group Animal - Part Two")

Behind the scenes

Joe McFadden joined the cast of Holby City in 2014; he initially received a one year contract with the show. To help him prepare for the role, McFadden observed open-heart surgery.