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"Regrets" is the 695th episode of Casualty and the 9th episode of the 27th series.


Adam and Henry are furious when Zoe reveals she's lost a memory stick of confidential patient data. She's reluctant to explain how the data went missing - it was stolen by her much younger ex-boyfriend Joel - but assures them she can retrieve it by the end of the day. Henry gives her until 4.00pm or she's fired, and it looks bleak when Zoe mishandles the situation with Joel. However, support comes from an unexpected source when Jordan steps in to help out. Can he save Zoe's face, or is this one misdemeanour too many?

Adam is under pressure in the ED: there are patients to treat, budgets to write, and Zoe has gone AWOL. Jessica is disappointed when he declines to help with the children's Halloween party that night, and the stressed medic is forced to choose between his family and work life.

Jeff's suspicions about Alistair grow when he and Polly are called to a shout and find Alistair standing over an unconscious body at a factory. He's forced to apologise when it turns out Alistair had nothing to with the accident, but warns Alistair to stay away from Polly nonetheless. Later that night, Polly is petrified to find that Alistair has broken into her flat with a carved pumpkin and a bottle of wine, and even more terrified when he demands to know why she's cheating on him with Jeff. Shakily, Polly is forced to tell Alistair she loves him and Alistair is temporarily appeased. Has the unpredictable Alistair gone too far, and is Polly brave enough to do anything about it?

Meanwhile there's a mystery man in the department asking for change, cadging cigarettes and talking about God. Tess and Adam ask him to move on, but is he a down-and-out, as they think, or could he have an important new role at the hospital?

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