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"Relations" is the 126th episode of Casualty and the 22nd episode of the 8th series.


A taxi driver brings in a woman who has been badly scalded by boiling fat. Adele discovers her boyfriend did it during an argument over having children. Her boyfriend turns up and is horrified to see her disfigured. Ash and Mie turn up late after an alarm clock didn't go off and worry everyone will assume they are a couple. Charlie and Mike abduct Jane to discuss the Queens plans. An Asian factory owner has arranged a marriage for his son but his son wants to marry one of the workers. When she is badly injured after getting her hair caught in a machine, he stands by her even though his father disinherits them. Josh and Lucy are called to a school where a boy who has been dubbed a troublemaker has attacked classmates with a baseball bat, being injured himself. Lucy feels he has been misjudged and asks Ash to talk to him. Ash learns he is being bullied because his father is a policeman and convinces him to tell the headmaster.

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