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"Results" is the 54th episode of Casualty and the 2nd episode of the 5th series. It was preceded by "Penalty" and followed by "Close to Home". The episode was directed by Andrew Morgan and written by Ben Aaronovitch.


Duffy's having sleepless nights with her young son and is relieved to hand him over to her child minder on the way to work. Keith Cotterill is called to a remote place where he and his colleague are threatened for their drugs and they find the tyres on the ambulance slashed. The two junkies end up in casualty after overdosing but the man's in a bad way and Keith spots the girl, who makes her escape but the police are called and arrest the thief. A lorry out of control, careers into a shop front, mowing down a man in front of his wife, and they are taken to Holby, where the staff fight a losing battle, trying to save him. Tony's called in to help her try and face up to her loss, having just moved from the traumas of city life in London. A drinking binge ends in tragedy, when so called friends take a mate out to celebrate his exam results and Charlie has to break the tragic news to his girlfriend, he's dead.

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