"Return to Sender"
Return to Sender
Episode Information
Series 29
Episode # 919
Airdate 25 October 2014
Director Matthew Evans
Producer Vicky Wharton
Writer Matthew Barry
Previous "The Index File"
Next "Entrenched"

"Return to Sender" was the eighth episode of Series 29, and the 919th episode of Casualty overall. The episode sees the return of consultants Zoe Hanna and Dylan Keogh.


A familiar face returns to the ED, Lofty treats a boy who is sick of being stopped and searched, and Dixie and Ash clash.

Connie has a complaint made against her, meanwhile Dixie rages about Jeff’s death - causing ripples through the ED.

Zoe makes her return to Holby, but she brings a surprise with her.


Main Characters
Recurring Characters
Other Characters
Uncredited as Stacey Evans
Simone Saunders as DCI Christine Simmons
Alexander Aze as Elliot Carr
Lucy Thackeray as Lauren Brooks
Kate Mills as Jessica Carr
Tyler Mitchell as Dante Paige
Katy Carmichael as Hayley Blake


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