Rihanna Carroll (born December 2015) is the daughter of Brian Carroll and Hazel Leyton, and the half-sister of Dylan Keogh.


Rihanna was born in December 2015, four months after her parents had visited the ED following a lorry crash.

In May 2016, Brian was admitted to the ED after he had to smash a car window to get to Rihanna after he locked his keys in the car. Although she was unharmed, she was admitted the following month when Hazel turned up at the ED with her. Although Dylan suspected that Brian's smoking was the result of her illness, this later proved to be untrue.

In July, Rihanna was once again taken into the ED after her and Hazel were involved in a house fire caused by one of Brian's cigarettes. Dylan eventually realised that Brian was to blame which resulted in him deciding to leave Holby. Dylan later went to see Hazel and Rihanna and offered his support to them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rihanna made her first appearance in the series 30 episode "Chain Reaction". She appeared in several episodes after this, all uncredited.

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