Rob Hart is a man from Holby.


On 8 September 2007, whilst Rob was visiting his diabetic daughter Rayne under the supervision of his estranged wife Wendi, a bomb exploded on a nearby coach, resulting in Rayne and Wendi being injured. Junior doctor Toby De Silva managed to retrieve Rayne from a collapsed building, but Rob grabbed her and pushed Toby into the coach, believing that he was attempting to abduct her. Later that day, Toby found a hysterical Rob cradling a comatose Rayne under a flyover and rushed her to a nearby pharmacy to revive her. He managed to resuscitate her, and Rob accompanied Rayne to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for further treatment. (CAS: "My First Day")

Behind the scenes

Ryan Pope portrayed Rob on Casualty for one episode in 2007.

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