PC Robert Clifton was a police officer who served until his death in 2008.

In May 2007, Robert and PC Lucy Slater arrested a burglar who turned out to be the brother of an ex-girlfriend of Robert. Robert discovered that she had become pregnant by Robert and gave birth to a son, neglecting to tell him. However, he decided not to have any relationship with his son.

Lucy introduced Robert to her boyfriend, but Robert recognised him as a drug dealer and forced Lucy to dump him. He later got close with a woman involved in a suspected racist attack, however he was rescued from danger by DS Luke French and DI John Keenan.

Robert was later involved in a case involving a neighbour calling them out over concerns of the welfare of a baby. This incident lead Robert to decide that he did want a relationship with his son after all. He managed to convince his ex-girlfriend to give him a chance, and agreed to let him visit after his shift. However, after informing a family member that their brother had died from a fall during a police chase, the family member pulled out a gun and shot Robert, who was killed.

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