Robyn Miller (born 1992/1993) is a nurse who currently works at Holby City ED. She started working at the ED as a student nurse alongside three others. The ED were willing to hire two of them for the job depending on how they performed in the department leading up to their inspection. When got the job, she became a staff nurse, and remains so.

Early life

She's the oldest of four siblings and also volunteered to care for her beloved nan as a teenager, and grew up knowing she wanted to be a nurse. People had always told Robyn that she was a 'born nurse'. She is the step sister of Max Walker, a porter in the ED.

Time in the Emergency Department (2013-)

When she was training at the ED in early 2013 alongside Jamie Collier and Aoife O'Reilly, Linda Andrews was her mentor. In March, she took a day skiving off work at an amusement park with Fran, an old friend, but whilst they were on the ghost train, an intoxicated man tampered with the tracks, unintentionally causing a crash. When she went to the ED with Fran, she tried to remain undercover whilst she was being treated.

In April, Robyn, Jamie and Aofie had their interviews for the two available permanent staff positions in the ED. Jamie and Robyn were offered the jobs, and had their first shifts in May. Later in 2013, Tom and Sam's relationship strengthened, and he planned to propose to her. However, Robyn leaked the proposal plans throughout the hospital. Nevertheless, Sam and Tom ended up getting married in December, just before leaving the ED.

Robyn looks shocked as she notices Lofty in her house.

In March 2014, Robyn discovered an intruder in her home, and impaled her foot on a rake after chasing him into her neighbor's garden. He came back to help her, and said his name was Nigel. When she was taken into the ED by Jeff and Dixie, "Nigel" stayed with her, but when he got a phonecall, he left the room where Robyn was being treated and accidentally left his wallet on the seat next to her. Inside, she found an NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council) card, which had his real name, Ben Chiltern. Upon letting him explain why he was in her house, he said that he had nowhere to stay, so stole a key off of his dad to one of his owned apartments. By coincidence, Robyn had been renting the house owned by his father to which he had the key. He then revealed that he had been staying in her loft for a couple of days until he got an interview, which was that day. Eventually, he chose to stay with Robyn instead of going to the interview as he felt bad for her. She later asked Rita to consider recommending Ben for a position as another nurse in the ED, but she said there wasn't much she could do, as at this point she was only a band 5 nurse. She did say that she would talk to Tess in the morning about it. Robyn then invited Ben to stay with her and Max in Jamie's old room, at which point he received the nickname "Lofty", one which Rita had referenced to Robyn earlier as a joke.

The following month, Robyn hosted a party at their house, but Ash's daughter Ella had an allergic reaction to some ketamine there. When she was admitted to the ED, Robyn tried to avoid Ash knowing that he would blame her if he knew she got ill at Robyn's party. In September, Connie got annoyed with Robyn when she discovered that she put false information into a patient's allergy notes. However, later that day Charlie sent Robyn and Ethan to assist at the scene of a wedding disaster where a floor gave way.

In January 2015, Robyn decided that she needed to be more helpful and set up a food bank. A month later, a computer hacker tried to make others happy by giving out stolen money to people. When he was admitted to the ED following a fall, Robyn inadvertently spread a virus from his memory stick to the hospital's computer system. On Valentine's Day, she sent an anonymous card to Lofty.

In August, Robyn once again divulged proposal information about Max and Zoe as she had done with Sam and Tom two years before. It wasn't not long before the whole ED found out, but Zoe and Max didn't seem bothered by it. At their wedding in late August after a fire breaks out, Robyn, Ethan, Lofty and Big Mac attempted to put out the fire. Just before Christmas that same year, Robyn and Lofty both prepared to apply for a band 6 nursing position, unaware that the other was applying. When she discovered that they would be competing for it, she decided not to apply.

Personal life

Robyn at Zoe's hen night in August 2015.

In 2015, Robyn entered a brief relationship with Zach Manley, a delivery man who frequently visited the ED. She broke up with him in July after admitting it wasn't working out as they had nothing in common.


  • Her mentor was Linda.
  • Robyn loves social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and is a whiz with computers.
  • She gets on well with old people and hates to see them neglected or marginalised.

Behind the scenes

Amanda Henderson has portrayed Robyn since 2013.

Amanda Henderson portrays Robyn in Casualty. In the series 28 episode "The Last Chance Saloon" which aired on 1 March 2014, Dixie stated that Robyn was 21 years old when she was admitted to the ED after being impaled through the foot on a rake. This means she was either born before this date in 1993 or after this date in 1992.


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Robyn made her first appearance in January 2013 in the episode "Rabbits in Headlights".

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