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Rochelle Reigner is a construction worker based in Holby.


In December 2020, Rochelle gave birth to a daughter named Isla. On account of her working on a zero-hour contract and fearing that she would lose her job, Rochelle decided not to approach her employer Brian Kuller about flexible working hours. This decision took its toll on Rochelle's health, as she stopped adequately managing her diabetes and attending outpatients appointments.

In June 2021, when a nursery was unable to take Isla, Rochelle was forced to hide Isla in a shed on a construction site. Upon discovering that the shed was scheduled to be demolished, Rochelle rushed to her daughter's aid, but she collapsed due to hypoglycaemia. After Rochelle woke up in Holby City Hospital's emergency department, she was relieved to discover that Frank Polt, a young colleague who she was training, found Isla before the shed was destroyed and brought her into the hospital. Paediatric registrar Matthew Afolami decided to involve social services, but he and paramedic Fenisha Khatri emphasised that social services would support Rochelle and Isla rather than separate them. (CAS: Episode 1206)

Behind the scenes

Caitlin Drabble portrayed Rochelle in episode 1206 of Casualty which aired in June 2021.