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"Rock-a-Bye-Baby" is the 25th episode of Casualty and the 10th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Seeking Heat" and followed by "Hooked". The episode was directed by Sharon Miller and written by Ginnie Hole.


The social services are called in, when a baby's brought in covered in bruises and is then taken into care. Ewart's insisting on employing a security guard after the police were called in to sort out a group of youths. An elderly mother is brought in after a fall in her home, but it's the daughter who's in need of attention because of the stress she under. A tragedy occurs when a group of school kids get high on lighter fuel and the staff have to tell the parents, their daughter has died. At the end of the shift, Duffy gets picked up by Peter and Charlie buys a jeep.

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