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Rosa Cadenas (née Steadman) is a healthcare assistant who currently works in Holby City Hospital's emergency department. She joined the department in 2019.


Early life

Rosa was born in Venezuela to Xiomara and Tom Steadman; the family later moved to Uruguay. (CAS: Episode 1165) At some point, Rosa married a man, and the two had a son named Gabriel circa 2007. One night in 2015, when Gabriel was eight years old, he developed a fever and died the following morning. Rosa's husband soon left her; in hindsight, Rosa believed that her grief had become too much for him to bear. Devastated by her son's death, Rosa fell into a deep depression that consumed her for three years. Eventually, Rosa decided to bury her memories of Gabriel and moved to Holby. (CAS: Episode 1148, Episode 1151)

Joining the emergency department

On 14 July 2019, Rosa started her first shift at the emergency department. Outside, staff nurse David Hide asked her to wait for a mechanic to arrive to remove his car's flat tyres, but she managed to detach them herself. Given that she was not a mechanic, and he was still forced to pay a call-out charge, he was unappreciative. When a young man named Ben Carrow arrived at reception with an antenna element embedded in his leg and an alleged sting on his buttock, Rosa sternly ordered him to lay on a trolley. David confronted her for "barking" at him, but she suggested that he should consider doing it more often after Ben complied.

In resus, as the team were inspecting Ben's "sting", Rosa identified it as a small-calibre wound from an air gun. Ben's mother Gail soon arrived and demanded to know what shot him, but both Rosa and Ben's sister Primrose told her that he would not tell her. When Rosa continued to involve herself in her family's drama, Gail complained to David about her. She insisted that she was being overprotective, but he reminded her that she was a counsellor and unqualified to make judgments about their situation; she told him that he looked "flustered" and assured him that she was only trying to help. Later, Primrose told Rosa that Ben had been attempting to shoot a sparrowhawk after it attacked one of his pigeons and claimed that he "got what he deserved"; Rosa realised that she was the person who shot him. She managed to convince Primrose to confess her actions to Gail, and they were both content when she decided not to involve the police. (CAS: Episode 1136)

Living with the Hides

On 17 August, Rosa looked after David's son Ollie when he arrived at the department to speak to his father. (CAS: Episode 1139) Two weeks later, she was concerned when he went missing, and she supported David after Ollie nearly drowned in a river. However, when David asserted that he was an inadequate father, she scolded him for not heeding his son's cries for help. Later, she was delighted to hear that Ollie's mother Rosalene had allowed him to stay with his father for the duration of his recovery. (CAS: Episode 1141)

After Ollie had recovered, Rosa was injured when a woman crashed into her on an electric scooter while she and Ollie were walking through a park. Outside the ED, Ollie confided in Rosa about his fear that he had bipolar and asked her to tell David. Later, Rosa, who was in the process of losing her flat, castigated Ollie for threatening to return to Rosalene if David refused to allow Rosa to live with them, and she urged David to start properly disciplining Ollie and teaching him to stand up for himself. David and Ollie reconciled, and David invited Rosa to live with them. As a gift, Rosa gave David and Ollie a kitten named Frimp. (CAS: Episode 1144) In September, David received a formal letter from Rosalene demanding that Ollie return home; Rosa urged him to push back and urged him to have a proper conversation with his son. Ollie was offended by David's complacency and decided to return to his mother, but, to Rosa's delight, David told Ollie that he wanted him to stay. (CAS: Episode 1145)

Engagement to David

On 9 November, David discovered a letter from Xiomara referring to him and Rosa as a loving couple; Rosa explained that she created a fictional boyfriend named David because her mother did not want her being on her own. After David accidentally patronised Rosa when the latter started to fret over Xiomara's imminent arrival, Rosa opened up to David about Gabriel's death and the deep depression she experienced as a result. Later, Rosa told David about Ollie's fears surrounding bipolar disorder, but David admonished her for not telling him sooner. Believing that David was furious with her, Rosa decided to move out of the house, but David praised her as a "brilliant fake mum" and volunteered to be her pretend boyfriend. (CAS: Episode 1148)

Two weeks later, Xiomara travelled to Holby to meet David and was keen to know when he and Rosa were planning on marrying. In confidence, she told David that she was suffering from a terminal heart condition and, after claiming that he and Ollie had given Rosa hope, gave him her engagement ring so he could give it to Rosa "when the time [came]"; David agreed and swore himself to secrecy. David approached Rosa about the two of them getting married, but Rosa wanted him to wait until he found someone he truly loved. Nevertheless, with Xiomara in view, David proposed to Rosa, and she agreed to marry him "for practical reasons". (CAS: Episode 1151) The following week, while organising their wedding, David unintentionally referred to Xiomara's "rude health" which led to Rosa finding out about her mother's lie. Xiomara asserted that her lie had helped inspire David and claimed that it was obvious that Rosa was in love with him. Rosa reluctantly decided to play along and, with David, announced their engagement to their colleagues, but, thanks to Xiomara, they were already well aware. (CAS: Episode 1152)

Rosa and David on their wedding day. (CAS: Episode 1154)

On the day of her wedding, Rosa felt guilty about marrying David under false pretences and prepared to tell him the truth about Xiomara's health, but Xiomara found him first and unintentionally made the situation worse by aggravating him. Believing that she had ruined her relationship with David, Rosa cancelled the wedding. However, Xiomara and Ollie forced the pair into a room together and reinstated their wedding plans. After the two admitted their feelings for each other and kissed for the first time, Rosa and David rushed to their wedding in the hospital chapel, but all of their colleagues had left. In spite of this, the two got married, and they celebrated La Hora Loca in The Hope & Anchor with their friends. (CAS: Episode 1154)

In March 2020, Rosa was forced to return to Uruguay to take care of Xiomara after she had a fall. (CAS: Episode 1165) In June, Rosa informed David that she was returning to England. However, in the time that Rosa was away, David had slipped back into his pre-marital routine and began ruminating over the fact that they knew little about each other. (CAS: Episode 1177) David was keen to keep the details surrounding his bipolar disorder private from Rosa. However, after coming face-to-face with the psychiatrist who sectioned him in 2017 and received a punch from him, David decided to open up to Rosa about his bipolar and explained that he feared that Rosa would want to leave him if she knew the truth. Rosa assured David that she wanted to get to know him better and promised that she would not leave him. (CAS: Episode 1178)

Becoming a healthcare assistant

In July, Rosa decided to apply to become a healthcare assistant in the ED and was given the job. However, her role transition was complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. (CAS: Episode 1182)

Ollie's choking incident

In April 2021, Ollie started choking on a sweet that he threw into his mouth while on a walk with Grace Beauchamp. When Grace concluded that CPR was not helping Ollie, she followed an online tutorial on how to perform a cricothyroidotomy. Ollie started breathing again, but Rosa and David were concerned that Ollie could have sustained a hypoxic brain injury from the lack of CPR and damaged vocal chords from Grace's procedure. The following day, Ollie's CT scan showed no evidence of brain damage, (CAS: Episode 1194) but the experience troubled Rosa as it reminded her of Gabriel's death; David recognised her grief and assured her that neither him or Ollie thought any less of her. (CAS: Episode 1195)


  • Rosa highly respects Connie Beauchamp for her work in Hamburg with the European Transplant Board, and she even told her that she makes her proud to be a woman. (CAS: Episode 1136)