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Rosa Cadenas is a porter who currently works in Holby City Hospital's emergency department. She joined the department in 2019.


Joining the emergency department

On 14 July 2019, Rosa started her first shift at the emergency department. Outside, staff nurse David Hide asked her to wait for a mechanic to arrive to remove his car's flat tyres, but she managed to detach them herself. Given that she was not a mechanic, and he was still forced to pay a call-out charge, he was unappreciative. When a young man named Ben Carrow arrived at reception with an antenna element embedded in his leg and an alleged sting on his buttock, Rosa sternly ordered him to lay on a trolley. David confronted her for "barking" at him, but she suggested that he should consider doing it more often after Ben complied.

In resus, as the team were inspecting Ben's "sting", Rosa identified it as a small-calibre wound from an air gun. Ben's mother Gail soon arrived and demanded to know what shot him, but both Rosa and Ben's sister Primrose told her that he would not tell her. When Rosa continued to involve herself in her family's drama, Gail complained to David about her. She insisted that she was being overprotective, but he reminded her that she was a counsellor and unqualified to make judgments about their situation; she told him that he looked "flustered" and assured him that she was only trying to help. Later, Primrose told Rosa that Ben had been attempting to shoot a sparrowhawk after it attacked one of his pigeons and claimed that he "got what he deserved"; Rosa realised that she was the person who shot him. She managed to convince Primrose to confess her actions to Gail, and they were both content when she decided not to involve the police. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 44)

Living with the Hides

On 17 August, Rosa looked after David's son Ollie when he arrived at the department to speak to his father. (CAS: Series 34, Episode 1) Two weeks later, she was concerned when he went missing, and she supported David after Ollie nearly drowned in a river. However, when David asserted that he was an inadequate father, she scolded him for not heeding his son's cries for help. Later, she was delighted to hear that Ollie's mother Rosalene had allowed him to stay with his father for the duration of his recovery. (CAS: Series 34, Episode 3)


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