Rosie Cranham is a woman who was admitted to Holby City Hospital's Acute Admissions Unit in December 2017 after falling into a frozen lake.


On 5 December 2017, a pregnant Rosie fell through a frozen lake while walking with her son Ezra. After she was rescued by a passerby, she was taken to Holby City Hospital's Acute Admissions Unit for treatment. Registrar Raffaello Di Lucca decided to put Rosie on ECMO, but he was informed that she was pregnant with twins. However, reviewing Rosie's ultrasound showed the presence of a third foetus, suggesting a case of superfoetation.

Later, the shock of Rosie's hypothermia caused her to go into labour, and Raf took her into theatre to perform an emergency caesarean. Despite the risks, Raf successfully delivered Rosie's three daughters, and they were taken to the neo-natal unit. (HC: "Group Animal - Part One") However, as Raf escorted Rosie to ITU, former hospital employee Fredrik Johanssen shot Raf in the neck; Rosie was left injured by some shrapnel. She was discovered without Raf and moved into an ambulance outside the hospital, but she soon woke up and refused treatment until she was reunited with her children. Later that day, she was reunited with Ezra and moved to be with her daughters. (HC: "Group Animal - Part Two")

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