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Roxanna MacMillan (31 July 1969 - 18 September 2018) was a consultant neurosurgeon and a part of Holby City Hospital's Neurosurgical Unit.


David's death

On 5 December 2017, Roxanna and David were delighted to be reunited with neurosurgeon John Gaskell who had arrived at the hospital as its Director of Surgical Innovation. However, Ollie was furious to learn that Roxanna had abandoned her virtual reality project after deeming David to be an unviable candidate, and he dismissed Lofty after he raised concerns about David's condition. In the Darwin theatre, as Roxanna assisted Gaskell and Jac Naylor, David began to show signs of a stroke and was taken onto the ward. Ollie apologised to Roxanna for ignoring Lofty's concerns, but Roxanna admitted that she had abandoned the project "for false hope" after noticing that David showed greater memory retention in a clinical setting. On Keller, Gaskell and Ollie informed Roxanna that David had a patent foramen ovale which had exacerbated his dementia. (HC: "Group Animal - Part One")

As Roxanna led David's operation on Darwin, Hanssen's son Fredrik entered the hospital with a rifle and began targetting members of staff. Despite Morven's reservations, Roxanna and Ollie insisted that their duty of care was to David and pressed on. However, Fredrik later entered the room and shot Ollie in the head. Still focused on saving David, Roxanna decided to aspirate his carotid artery to increase his pressure, but Morven told her that David was experiencing a cerebral haemorrhage and urged to her to prioritise Ollie. She eventually agreed, but David's condition began to deteriorate rapidly, forcing Morven to perform cardiac massage. Realising that David was gone, a heartbroken Roxanna told Morven to step down and kissed her husband goodbye. (HC: "Group Animal - Part Two")