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Russ Golden is a soldier for the British Army who was severely injured in the 2007 Hesketh Road bombing.


In 2007, Russ returned to Holby from a tour of duty in Iraq. On 8 September, as he and his friend Scotty prepared to board a coach on Hesketh Road, a concealed bomb exploded, eviscerating Russ' intestines. (CAS: "My First Day") In the Casualty Clearing Station, he demanded to know where Scotty was and berated the medical staff, and Denny Davidson ordered him to temper his behaviour and not "disgrace [his] regiment". Once Russ arrived at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, he became hysterical when he found Scotty's body near the entrance. Upon learning that fellow passenger Nell Mendez was responsible for the explosion, Russ was incandescent and threatened to kill her if she did not die of her injuries in the hospital. (CAS: "Charlie's Anniversary")

Behind the scenes

Samuel James portrayed Russ on Casualty for two episodes in 2007. He would later make two further appearances on the show in 2012 as porter Pat Paddon.