Saeed Khan is the father of Fareeda Khan, a victim of the 2007 Hesketh Road bombing.


On 8 September 2007, Saeed's daughter Fareeda was severely injured when a concealed bomb detonated on a nearby coach on Hesketh Road. (CAS: "My First Day") She was rescued from the wreckage, and Saeed accompanied her to Holby City Hospital's emergency department for urgent treatment, but she was later pronounced dead. Senior charge nurse Charlie Fairhead asked survivor Denny Davidson to comfort Saeed, but Saeed was later mortified to learn that he was responsible for the explosion. Overcome with rage, he threatened to stab Denny with a scalpel, but, he eventually relinquished it. (CAS: "Charlie's Anniversary")

Behind the scenes

Amerjit Deu portrayed Saeed on Casualty for two episodes in 2007.

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