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Sah Brockner (born 14 May 1998) is a paramedic who works for the Holby Ambulance Service. They[lower-alpha 1] joined the service in October 2021. Sah is non-binary.


Early life

Sah was born on 14 May 1998. They were assigned female at birth and used their birth name of Sarah prior to coming out as non-binary. (CAS: "Dark Room")

At some point, Sah's father Kevin suffered a stroke and spent several months in rehabilitation. After much improvement and regaining the ability to speak, Kevin returned home with a 15-year-old Sah as his carer. Sah soon grew close to Bill Phillipsen — a man who met and helped Kevin in rehab — and his wife Jean. Jean cared deeply for Sah; she would often give Sah car lifts and, recognising that Sah was not feeding themself properly, often provide them with additional food. (CAS: "On the Edge")

Joining the ambulance service

Sah joined the Holby Ambulance Service in October 2021. On their first shift, Sah treated a freerunner named Ren who had injured herself while fleeing from a gang of youths she provoked. After Ren refused treatment in Holby City Hospital's emergency department and collapsed outside the ambulance station, Sah managed to convince Ren to disclose her real name which helped the ED staff learn about her diabetes. (CAS: "Broken")

Bill Phillipsen's death

In February 2022, Bill Phillipsen called for an ambulance after experiencing chest pains. Against Sah's advice, Bill decided to stay at home and wait for his wife Jean rather than be taken to the hospital. Bill later changed his mind and drove to the hospital for treatment, but another car crashed into his on the way. Sah and fellow paramedic Teddy Gowan retrieved him from the wreckage, but it soon transpired that Bill's earlier chest pain was the result of a heart attack, Jean had died, and Bill had previously been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Sah stayed with Bill and comforted him until he went into ventricular fibrillation and died. After speaking to Bill's son, Sah left the ED without warning, prompting Teddy to demand to know what was going on. In confidence, Sah explained Bill's relationship with their father Kevin and explained that they were leaving to break the news to Kevin; Teddy assured Sah that they only had to tell him and offered them a lift. (CAS: "On the Edge")

Behind the scenes

Arin Smethurst has portrayed Sah in Casualty since October 2021.


  1. Sah uses they/them pronouns.