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Sally Hodge (born 11 February 1942)[1] is a female resident of Holby. She was admitted to the emergency department of Holby City Hospital following a fall in her flat in August 2016.


In August when she was admitted, Charlie suspected she had a fractured hip, but later concluded that more tests had to be done. Lily continued treating Sally and assumed that she had a UTI, but the scan found that Sally's seemingly aborted baby was still inside of her and the abortion that she had when she was a teenager didn't fully work.

Sally admitted to Charlie that her abortion didn't go to plan as she had tried to perform the abortion herself due to the fact it was frowned upon when she was younger. Sally later inadvertently revealed that there was a surprise party planned for Charlie. Lily later informed Charlie at the party that she'd been sent up to theatre. (CAS: "Too Old for This Shift")

In December 2017, Sally visited the ED to speak to Charlie. She claimed to be suffering from a headache, but Dylan found nothing wrong with her. Shortly after, she befriended another elderly patient named Barry, and the two secretly left the department to drink alcohol they stole from the staff room. However, when he disclosed her loneliness to the hospital staff, she was offended. Later, she finally found Charlie and shared her oncology results with him, showing that she was cancer-free. She admitted that she had nobody else to share her news with, Charlie urged to grab the first chance of happiness she sees and kissed her on the cheek. Inspired, she decided to spend Christmas with Barry. (CAS: Episode 1065)

Behind the scenes

Pam St. Clement first appeared as Sally Hodge in August 2016 in the 30th anniversary episode of Casualty. She made another appearance as the character in March 2017 and again in December 2017.