"Salvation" is the 58th episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 5th series. It was preceded by "Hiding Place" and followed by "Say it With Flowers". The episode was directed by Michael Owen Morris and written by Robin Mukherjee.


A mother, Judy, steals her ill daughter, Katie, away from her father, Duncan, who is involved in a religious cult. As she gets worse, Judy, takes her to casualty, where Duncan and his leader, Hastings, are already there, looking for her. They oppose dialysis for Katie, which is needed in order for her to live, and face Julian’s anger. In the end, Duncan relents.

Two cars, one with Nigel and Antoine and the other with Stuart and Celia, race along the dark roads. Celia urges Stuart to stop, but their car overturns and her legs are crushed. In CRASH, Celia tells him to leave.

Charlie lets a drunk sleep on a mattress in a cubicle, much to Julian and Ash’s disapproval. As another ‘drunk’ comes in, Charlie sends him to join the other, but Jimmy calls the alarm when they find out he is a diabetic, who’s had a hypo. Alf a hospital porter reports his hospital colleague, Harry, ill – as Beth treats him for stroke he arrests and dies in CRASH. Duffy regrets the fact they didn’t know him very well.

After nearly getting run over on the way to work – Duffy bumps into the driver again, as he turns out to be a patient, Clive, who has injured his arm. He flirts with Duffy and also tells her of his dizzy spells and headaches. She gets Beth to check him over, where they discover he has a serious head tumour. Duffy visits him on a ward, where he still manages to be chirpy.

A punk, Robbie, comes in after being hit and kicked – it turns out to be his girlfriend, Sharon, who also comes in with a cut face, after they have had a fight. Julian stitches her face, making Ash feel undermined. After both being treated, Robbie and Sharon make up. Mrs Wallace comes in believing her ‘baby’ is ill – and has no head. She is a regular, who Tony Walker comes to visit – as her ‘baby’ is infact a dead fish. She had a miscarriage earlier in her life, which caused her behaviour. Template:Series 5

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