Samuel "Sam" Bateman (born 8 October 1986) is the son of Mike and Tess Bateman. He first interviewed for a receptionist job at the ED, but ended up being an emergency care assistant instead when he missed the interview.

Sam is the eldest of Tess Bateman's two children and still lived at home with the rest of the family when he worked in the ED. He has a good relationship with both his parents but is spending more time out of the house in an effort to gain independence.

Having just finished college Sam has decided to take a year out before going to University. He is a bright lad and could do very well but is easily distracted by beer and babes. Sam is a likely young man who is easy to get on with. However at times Sam can be short and moody for no apparent reason. Lately his temper has been flaring up more often but he is very charismatic and people quickly forgive him.

In August 2015, over 8 years after leaving his job there, Sam returned to the ED to visit his mother and let her know he had a child. He named the baby Charlie, and told her that he couldn't look after him alone. By the following week, Tess had already left her job to help him raise the child. On the day before Zoe and Max's wedding, Tess video called Zoe to congratulate her, and to apologised that she couldn't be there.

Behind the scenes

Luke Bailey portrayed Sam Bateman in Casualty. He appeared as a series regular from 2004 to 2007, and once again for a one off guest appearance in 2015 to aid with the short storyline which saw Tess' departure.


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